Modeling Excellence in Business with NLP

cyprus-modelling-business-excellence-with-nlpMany organizations around the world have used the technology of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to assist them to achieve their corporate objectives. Those projects range from coaching individual executives for improved performance and communication to customer service initiatives involving every employee in the company. NLP is useful in any situation in which two or more people must communicate in order to produce results.

nlp-cyprus-training-workshopHere are some examples of projects in which NLP has been used:

 An individual employee with NLP skills is empowered in the performance of his/her duties in many ways. The ability to read and understand others' model of the world is the basis of effective communication. NLP has been used to assist business professionals in the following ways, among others:

nlp-certification-in-cyprusModeling to find Excellence

When you recognize someone as being successful in what they do how do you define what it is that makes them such a good performer? If you have one of these people in your organization then you will want to replicate their way of doing things and instill this in others. NLP models what the successful person is doing. It defines very clearly what they are doing, how they do it and the thought patterns that they put into it.

For the top performer you want to copy, there is a problem however. They may not know exactly what it is they are doing! They operate at a high level automatically. Neuro-linguistic programming has a number of tools and devices to find out what makes one person so good at their job.

Having found a model you need to work out what they are doing differently. You need to look at what they do. That is the physical side of things such as posture, timekeeping and body language.

You then need to find out from them what they are thinking and saying to themselves when they are doing their job. To find this out you will need to ask searching questions. NLP provides a large range of tools for this.

The hardest part to define is the behaviour they have that is intuitive to them. They do not know exactly how they do their job so well. They will have many inbuilt beliefs and values that they use on autopilot and hardly know they are using. Their whole person will be a mixture of how they have developed over years and how they themselves have modified their own behaviour. A good NLP practitioner will be able to discover these embedded behaviours, beliefs and values.

Helping Others Improve Their Performance

Once you have defined your successful model than you can concentrate replicating this in other people. This can be through training programs or close working with the successful person.
The training has to be in two parts to achieve good results. The first part is the seen behaviour and language. You can simply observe what the successful person is doing. A good sales person will always ask for the order. There are no “ifs” and “buts” about this. It is what a salesman does as part of his job. If another salesman doesn't ask for the order every time then they know how to change their behaviour. Start asking every time.

The second part of the training is to improve the unseen behaviour. It’s not just asking for the order but the way you do it. This involves the whole person. Their character, emotions and inner mindset. To train in this area is where NLP Modeling has its main focus. You can change the crooked thinking that someone has and their attitude to their job performance through neuro-linguistic programming.

So to use NLP modeling you need to find your model and replicate it through study and then training others.