NLP usefulness in many areas

NLP is valuable in business, consulting, therapy, management, health professions, sports, parenting, creative pursuits, education, training and development, sales, negotiation, writing--anywhere communicating and excelling are important!
NLP In Business

Basic NLP skills which improve and enhance communication, rapport building, and goal setting are all immediately applicable to the business world. Specific skills for dealing with people who perceive the world differently than we do will help improve relations with peers, bosses, customers, and new prospects. In addition, many leaders and consultants in business have turned to the creative and innovative aspects of NLP for inspiration in organizational development, total quality management, team building, and strategic planning. NLP principles and skills underlie much of what is taught in negotiation seminars. Presentation skills and public speaking are an integral part of corporate life today. NLP self-management techniques, language patterns, and goal-setting are vital to effective speaking. Many of the attendees at NLP trainings tell us they have come to learn skills that will help them in their professions.

NLP in the Helping Professions

Much of the initial modeling in NLP focused on how innovative and effective therapists helped their clients change. Most of their behavior and language was beyond their conscious awareness; thus, the analysis and modeling of the therapist's techniques produced information of a highly practical nature.

The personal change work processes in NLP are unique in their scope and power. They are guided by precise language patterns and a careful systematic approach for checking the "ecology" or respectfulness of the change upon other areas in a person's life. Many highly trained therapists are finding NLP to be a highly generative and comprehensive framework for personal change. In addition, the dynamic world of NLP is continually refining existing patterns and adding new developments which help people make the changes they want. If you are in a helping profession and are seeking:
• tools for building rapport with a variety of clients,
• understanding the structure of beliefs and identity,
• to add zest to your work and increase your job satisfaction,
• new and effective ways to assist your clients to achieve rapid and lasting change, NLP has much to offer.

NLP and Creativity

Artists, writers, and performers find NLP training valuable because NLP offers valuable insight into what inhibits and what enhances the creative spirit. Applications of NLP strategies provide powerful ways to free and stimulate your creativity.

NLP in Education

NLP's practical applications include understanding how we learn and developing strategies for both students and teachers. Through NLP, teachers and parents gain concrete methods for helping children do well in school. Classroom teachers are incorporating key pieces of the NLP approach into their teaching methods and classroom management.

NLP for Personal Change

Many people come to NLP for relief from limitations. NLP provides freedom from old habits, fears, limiting beliefs, and gives a structure for new and empowering ways of being in the world. One of the benefits of NLP is more choice: in how you respond, the way you communicate, and how you feel. When you have more options, you can make better decisions. If you have not been living the life that you want, NLP offers you a path to new and satisfying alternatives.

NLP In Health

The applications of NLP are important both to those in the medical field and to individuals interested in good health.

In today's rapidly changing field of health care, medical professionals need more than technical abilities. They are increasingly called upon to demonstrate strong interpersonal skills and flexibility as well as abilities in the area of negotiation, business management, and conflict resolution. NLP provides these necessary skills for relating effectively and communicating clearly with patients and co-workers.
Medical professionals report that what they learn in NLP training is immediately applicable and valuable in their work.

In addition, leading-edge research in NLP today is focusing on ways of building and maintaining personal health, engaging the body's ability to heal, and defining the relationship between health and beliefs.

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